Fantastic stuff! The chocolate banana with some peanut butter added is AMAZING. You’d never believe it wasn’t ice cream.
— Jessica H.
Seriously amazing, nothing else like it anywhere. Miss this being in Fort Collins every day.
— Emily J.
Absolutely delighted to try this truck today and was not disappointed. The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. My son was more than impressed. Even licked the cup clean. Thank you guys.
— Gin B.
Delicious treats, incredible people! Ba-nom-a-nom’s menus matches their mission!
— Phillip J.
My boyfriend loved this ice cream so much on Friday that he sought them out Sunday before we left town.
— Ashley Z.
Dairy free, gluten free and vegan - healthy dessert choice. We had the plain banana with sprinkles. Yum!
— Sarah C.
Mmmm.... nothing tops off our food truck rally night like a sweet treat from Ba-NOM-a-NOM. Creamy, delicious, filling, fruity goodness. Service was quick & friendly. They kept the line moving. I chose the blackberry peach and my son had the watermelon pineapple. Mine was creamier than his, but he mentioned his was the only flavor without banana, so that might be the reason. Either way, we were both happy customers! Mine was also thick enough that it lasted a good while and I didn’t have to scarf it down before it liquified. Highly recommend, even if you’re like my son and not vegan! ;-)
— Jill H.
Went to a food truck event in Fort Collins yesterday and saw Ba-Nom-A-Nom! The event was at City Park and I guess it happens every Tuesday from now until September. It was so fun! There was live music and a ton of food trucks. Found Ba-Nom-A-Nom and tried a couple of their flavors. Honestly, it was so good. I never thought I’d enjoy a 100% fruit dessert so much. It was somehow fluffy and creamy and just so delicious. I ended up getting half banana and half banana/strawberry/pineapple with coconut flakes on top. Definitely going to try to come to a few more events this summer.
— C.H.
Genuine and overall good people work the food truck in the DTC. Super helpful and the ice cream is next level!! Highly recommend.
— Madison S.
They came to an event at CU Denver and were amazing! All our students loved Ba-Nom-a-Nom and they were very easy to work with. Would definitely recommend!
— Aleena S.
Delicious and healthy ! Absolutely love their plant based ice cream.
— Julieanna D.
What a great experience for these guys! Clean, super nice and friendly! What more can you ask for.
— Eric G.