About the product

You have to taste it it to believe it!  But until you can make it to the truck…here is something for your imagination.  We take a variety of frozen fruits, put them through our special blender, and it whips up the frozen fruit into a fluffy, soft serve, consistency.  We do not add any dairy, sugar, nut products, stabilizers, or ANYTHING for that matter.  Just fruit.  This is truly nature’s ice cream! We make every cup by hand (with love) for you fresh at the truck. Fruit goes into the blender & a magical delicious frozen treats comes out! Ba-Nom-a-Nom is dairy free (vegan), gluten free, nut free, sugar free, fat free, & egg free by nature.  Our toppings are all vegan, and everything on the truck (currently) is gluten free (except for the granola). Our product is even diabetic friendly due to only containing fruit sugar. Can anyone say paradise?!

What is it made out of?

We use a variety of fruits.  The main base is banana or watermelon. Stop by the truck to see our flavors of the day. We serve up to 4 flavors/day on the truck, and have a variety of 24 flavors rotating weekly and seasonally. For catering, you can choose from our full list of flavors (which is sent to you via email).

Where did you come up with the name?

Ba- for banana

Nom- for “yum” or “nom nom nom” 

and… Ba-Nom-a-Nom rhymes with “manamana” from the muppets. Do dooo do do do…

Do you package Ba-Nom-a-Nom:

Not yet! The product is not the same once it is frozen solid.  The fresh whipped texture is truly magical! But one day we may branch out.

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About the Owner and History of Ba-Nom-a-Nom

Hi, my name is Sarah and I am the founder of Ba-Nom-a-Nom. I started this business because I am passionate about healthy eating and obesity prevention.  I believe we live in a world where we should have the option to eat healthy- all the time- even dessert!  I became passionate about food, food policy, and the sociological impacts of obesity and unhealthy eating/lifestyle during my undergraduate studies.  I first thought I wanted to be a physician, then realized so many doctors are already trying to fight the epidemic of obesity.  Upon learning about obesity and diet related health issues, I was astounded by how much it is draining our medical system, tax system, and our general happiness as a culture.  I then thought… hmm… maybe I should head to graduate/law school school for food policy.  But fighting Big Agriculture sadly felt like it would be an uphill battle.  Thus, as a 23 year old, bright eyed and bushy tailed entrepreneur, I thought… Aha!  The world needs food that is HEALHY, FUN, AND DELICIOUS.  The answer: Ba-Nom-a-Nom Nice Cream.  I used to make this delicious treat for my friends in college with a food processor, and everyone loved it, we joked about me selling it. One day, I decided to give it a try. I liked the idea of offering people a healthy option by selling a healthy and honest product. When I started back in 2011, it seemed like SO MANY products were marketed to be healthy, but were just your average packaged junk food, in a prettier box/bag/wrapper. I will admit, 2018, the food scene is much better for the health nut/consumer trying to make good choices, but hey… wouldn’t it be awesome if 100% plant based nice cream (no junk added!) was the norm?  World… here we come! I understand healthy eating and lifestyle can be very difficult, but people cannot choose healthy if it does not exist. Next time you have that sweet tooth… Choose Ba-Nom-a-Nom :) It's a delightful, guilt free treat.


I was living in Steamboat Springs at the time I decided to start this endeavor (2011) and went to the Local SCORE office to get some advice.  My advisor told me to give out free samples, and get as much info from the samplers as possible.  So every weekend, I set up a small table outside of Wheels Bike Shop along the Yampa River to hand out small samples of this whipped creation! People loved it, so that same year, I sold the product out of a Farmer’s Market booth at the Longm

ont Farmer’s Market, and the Pro Cycling Challenge in Steamboat Springs.  In January of 2012, I bought an old run down truck for $2,000 off a man on Craiglist and begged my friends to help me turn it into a food truck (Kazoo, the original Ba-Nom mobile!).  We worked on making the truck into a food truck, and in 2012, I began to roam the streets, selling Ba-Nom-a-Nom at events, parties, and festivals in the Denver and Fort Collins area.  I had a full time job from 2012-2016 to help support me while starting this endeavor.  In 2017, I decided to branch out and get 2 trucks because I was starting to turn down business. I rebranded the logo in preparation of Truck #2 launch (also known as Cupcake) and woo! There we went, 2 trucks on the road… for 3 days :). After the launch of the new truck (Cupcake),  Kazoo (the original truck) sadly needed a major repair, and (omitting horribly painful and dramatic story) it was essentially totaled by the mechanic shop who was working on it due to not repairing it correctly.  Thus...for 2018, Ba-Nom-a-Nom is down to one truck again, but looking for other opportunities for expansion. Stay tuned for updates.


Ba-Nom-a-Nom Feel Good Facts:

  • We compost ALL of the fruit waste we have from banana peels and watermelon rinds/other misc fruit waste.  In 2017 we had over 26,000 lbs of compost!  It goes to a worm farm where it is digested and turned into nutrient rich mulch. Go bananas!
  • Our cups are compostable or recyclable
  • We produce on average ONE 13 gallon bag of trash per day in the truck.
  • We use community partners such as Sample Supports to help run various parts of the business! (Employing adults with disabilities)
  • We use organic+fair trade bananas 95% of the time (sometimes they are just hard to get)
  • We source watermelons locally
  • We source toppings locally
  • We source other fruits we use locally when we can!
  • This is a 100% female owned company!
  • Everything on the truck is Vegan, Dairy Free, and Gluten Free. If you have other food allergies, please let us know, some of the toppings may contain common allergens.
  • We are real, local people, and we do care!  So hit us up! :)

Please visit our Facebook Page or Instagram Page for most up to date information and photos!